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How would your teams change
if they were equipped with
world-class communication tools?

How would your teams change if they were equipped with world-class communication tools?

The 40 Watt Coaching Method helps teams create long-term change with leadership communication skills that impact results.

Tim Fortescue

Hey There!

I’m Tim Fortescue

I believe in coaching the entire person–which is a core principle of the CoActive coaching method.  So when someone comes to me for communication coaching, I don’t simply share best practices that someone could find on a blog post.  I coach mindset, emotion, how a person views themself as a communicator and leader…and of course I cover tactics and structures that help people communicate more effectively.  The end result?  Lasting change.  Transformation into a stronger communicator.  And a stronger you.  


My job is to help you be consistently you.


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In this free two minute training, Tim shows you how to minimize filler words and gives you tools to eliminate weak words from your vocabulary.

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The Testimonials

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"In working with Tim, I refined my ability to connect with a variety of audiences. We built a structure that works for me, and it was fun working with him! That's why I trust him to coach other leaders on my team."

Yamini Rangan

CEO At Hubspot client job image
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"The thing I appreciate about Tim’s coaching is that he can walk the line between better technique and being authentic. Both are important, but the authenticity part is critical for leaders. I trust him as a partner in developing any leader because of his approach. And it is great fun to work with him."

Arden Hoffman

Chief Human Resources Officer, General Motors client job image
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"Tim helped me find my authentic voice as a communicator, which was a huge step in my growth as a leader. I also brought him in to train my sales teams. He built virtual, in person, and blended training sessions for us long before the pandemic made that a more common thing. He understood our team culture and felt like a part of our team, which made working with him fun and more effective than we’ve seen with other partners."

Stephanie Latham

VP, Global Partnerships Roblox
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"As a result of Tim's coaching, I've come to understand myself better and what's really important to me, which has built my confidence as a leader, and how I manage my time as a leader and parent. Tim goes far beyond the standard executive coaching toolset, and gives me practical, effective exercises and techniques to manage my self-critic, be better to myself, and lead authentically. His coaching is life-changing."

Monica Long

President client job image
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"Tim finds what you do well and coaches you through the lens of your strengths. He helps speakers get into the zone through positive reinforcement, he has an eye for small details that make a big impact, and he taps into your passion for the topic and brings it to life."

Pat Wadors

Chief People Officer client job image
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"I’ve worked with Tim as my public speaking coach and as a trainer for teams at LinkedIn. The thing that stands out is his ability to connect— both with large groups and with individuals. He’s helped bring my speaking to a new level by focusing on leading with my authentic voice and bringing in my own authentic style."

Erica Lockheimer

VP of Engineering client job image
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"When I've got to work through a tough team problem, I call Tim—he's able to help me quickly target the root of the issue and quickly build the confidence to address it head on."

Griffin Gaffney

CEO and Co-Founder client job image
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"Not only is Tim a powerful coach, trainer and facilitator, he’s also a wonderful consultative partner. He listened to our needs, shared ideas for what the solution might look like, and was such a collaborative, experienced, fun experience designer along the way. I can’t wait to have the opportunity to work with Tim again. I highly recommend working with him to help your leaders and managers level up! "

Kristen Hartley

Principal, Leadership Experiences, Workday Workday
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"I attribute a lot of my career growth to my ability to gather feedback and work on my weaknesses and improve. Tim has been instrumental in not only helping me improve skills, but he's also helped me figure out how to diagnose my own weaknesses and get to my own solutions. His approach is open and thoughtful, allowing me to be vulnerable, and at the same time, it's direct when it needs to be, ensuring that the green-eyed monster on my shoulder doesn't get the best of me."

MJ Kettler

VP of Sales, North America Partner Program client job image
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"We’ve experienced off-the-shelf training experiences from many vendors, but working with Tim is different. He seeks understanding before creating a solution. Tim was able to accurately identify the actual pain point our team needed to solve— and then build a customized experience. Working with him is like the difference between buying an off-the-rack suit and working with a fine tailor to build something bespoke, perfectly fit for you. My teams always walk away with new skills and they enjoy working with Tim."

Dave Doneson

CEO client job image
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If you’re an executive who’s ready to…

…reconnect and thrive within your authenticity to build stronger teams

…maximize your impact through clear and effective communication

…rebalance your energy to focus on what matters the most

…drive performance within your team through caring, direct, and ongoing feedback

Let’s begin working on a bespoke solution and build a team that gets you results...


How Tim Can Help


Executive Coaching

Certified in CoActive Coaching methodology, I help leaders in their communication to reconnect and thrive within their authenticity in order to build stronger teams.

Team Learning Paths


Team Learning Paths

With my experience facilitating workshops around the world for some of the most recognizable global brands, I design results-oriented sessions around the learning goals of your team.


Bespoke Team

I design workshops specifically around the learning needs of your team in order to maximize the return on your time invested.

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